Howdy, i'm Elly and i make graphics/edits. Feel free to make requests or whatever. Click 'tags' for lists of bands and all my previous edits and stuff. P.S please don't change the source of my edits or i'll cry



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^-^ uh hey there, just thought I'd say u have a awesome blog. Have ah nice day =-)

Ah thank you so much!! You too

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Your blog makes me so happy, thanks for being alive! You are beautiful, have a nice day. :)

Ahh thank you so much!! I hope you have a nice day too :) ✨

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How do you make such good edits? I've tried before but they all turn out like shit. How do you choose which pictures to use? And do you have any tips on making edits people will like?

i just choose pictures which i personally think look pretty, i don’t really have a system! But i think my biggest tip would be make sure you have a good font, as bad fonts can ruin the entire edit

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Your edits are so good, I love them and your blog! (:

Thank you so much!!

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what background image did you use in the RF edit with the casette tape on it? this /post/96259881999/ive-given-up-on-you-real-friends ? can you at least post a source of where you got the original background images for your edits rather than just being vague and saying "on tumblr"?

i found it on weheartit where new photos are added all the time so it’d be impossible for me to refind it for you. I try not to be vague but sometimes i genuinely do just see them on my tumblr dashboard. If posting sources of images is something people want me to do in the future, i could try, but i have a lot of things to remember to do for my edits anyways but yeah i’ll try and keep track.

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Please check out my store!

Hey so as I’ve mentioned previously, I have a red bubble account where I’m selling band edits/logos and other designs on phone cases and shirts etc! I’ve added many more designs recently so if you have the time, maybe check out my portfolio and see what you think! Thank YOUUU 🎸💕