Howdy, i'm Elly and i make graphics/edits. Feel free to make requests or whatever. Click 'tags' for lists of bands and all my previous edits and stuff. P.S please don't change the source of my edits or i'll cry



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Can you make a PTV edit? " Am I the only one that thinks that you should stay alive? "

yep sure!

posted 3 days ago with 4
Wow! You're really good looking!?

Haha ahh thank you so much!! I don’t agree but you’ve made my day

posted 1 week ago with 6
Oh my god you are so pretty. I love your edits xx

Aw thank you so much you’ve made me smileeee

posted 1 week ago with 5
Damn your blog is perfect. And so are you.

ahhh thank you so so much!!

posted 1 week ago with 2
Can you please make an edit of "If you can't soar with the eagles, then don't fly with the flock." which is And The Snakes Start To Sing by BMTH? thanks xx

yeah sure, youre welcome!

posted 2 weeks ago with 3