Howdy, i'm Elly and i make graphics/edits. Feel free to make requests or whatever. Click 'tags' for lists of bands and all my previous edits and stuff. P.S please don't change the source of my edits or i'll cry



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Well someone on IG has your username & is taking all the credit .

is it ‘semppiternal_’ ?? because if so, i made that the other day and i’m starting to upload stuff before i link it to my blog! :)

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Thank you for all of the birthday messages, you’re all too kind
Happy birthday, love! :)

Thank you!!

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I heard it's your birthday today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU ROCK

it is my birthday!! THANK YOUUUUUU YOU ROCK MORE

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hi! i was just wondering if i could use one of your edits as my twitter avatar?

of course you can :)

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Hey i really like your edits well i love your edits <3 But can you tell me which program do you use and the backgrounds you use are yours or just random pictures from the internet (its perfectly fine if you dont want to answer) I love your edits btw and keep doing more :)

yay thank you!!!

And I use a programme called paintnet and they’re usually just images I find around :)
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